Sand blasting stained glass.
This technology allows you to create both flat and three-dimensional drawings.
Flat drawing is simple in its technology. It is obtained after short-term processing of the product. Much more complex and unusual are three-dimensional or 3D drawings. They require lengthy processing, often with varying depth of ornament.

Sandblasting stained glass is obtained through the use of abrasive particles during processing. Any drawing is applied on the stencil. If they are different, then you can get a composition with an ornament of different depths.

After processing the glass becomes rough. This can be considered the only drawback due to which the surface can quickly become dirty. However, you can cope with it. To do this, use a special solution that falling on the surface, creates a protective polymer film.

Glass processing can be carried out from two sides. Thus, volumetric unusual compositions are obtained.

Companies can put logos and branding on their mirrors. For this pre-made stencil. In ordinary homes, such processing is most often carried out on mirrors used in wardrobes and for furniture facades. This is an original and inexpensive way to bring unusual notes into the interior of the house.

Sand Blast Stained Glassoften used in the manufacture of glass for wardrobes, partitions, furniture fronts, lamps, etc. Its scope is huge, as well as its high artistic value.

The advantage of the technology is that the drawings on glass, obtained as a result of processing, are resistant to many environmental influences. You do not wash them away with water, you can not just wipe them off. They are strong and durable. And yet the glass or mirror with the treatment can be broken, damaging the picture.

Sandblasting drawings made on a mirror or glass can be of two types: frosted with a transparent base and transparent with a frosted base.

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